The Battle of Waterloo - Millenniumcon Challenge Cup winner - Millenniumcon 12 - Round Rock, Texas - November 7, 2009. A 3d scale terrain model of the actual battle using 10mm figures (every unit in the battle). The board was produced and figures based by the Waco LSHM Chapter, the figures painted by Fernando, the Carnage and Glory II computer aide was tested by the author for this battle. On site survey of the battlefield in France done by Mike Gesser. Supervision, financing, and prep work done by Jim Dunnam. GM'd by Jim Dunnam with computer input during the game by Trace Bowen.

waterloo_millicon120_small.jpg waterloo_millicon121_small.jpg waterloo_millicon122_small.jpg waterloo_millicon123_small.jpg
waterloo_millicon124_small.jpg waterloo_millicon125_small.jpg waterloo_millicon126_small.jpg waterloo_millicon127_small.jpg
waterloo_millicon128_small.jpg waterloo_millicon129_small.jpg waterloo_millicon130_small.jpg waterloo_millicon131_small.jpg
waterloo_millicon132_small.jpg waterloo_millicon133_small.jpg waterloo_millicon134_small.jpg waterloo_millicon135_small.jpg
waterloo_millicon136_small.jpg waterloo_millicon137_small.jpg waterloo_millicon138_small.jpg waterloo_millicon139_small.jpg

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