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NWF - Great Hall Games - Nov 16 2014

Northwest Frontier - Great Hall Games November 16, 2014 Photos by David McLellan

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Rorkes Drift

Photos for Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Article (9/24/06)

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Foreign Legion

French Foreign Legion - 15 MM - Stone Mountain Miniatures - based for The Sword and the Flame - Richard Wheet Collection

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Rorkes Drift Millicon 8

Defense of Rorke's Drift - Millenniumcon 8 Winner - Jim Dunnam

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Northwest Frontier - GHG

Northwest Frontier - Great Hall Games (12/14/08) - Pathans versus British regulars. Rules - TSATF - The Pathans were ransoming captives to the British for gold. The Pathan plan was to keep both and the British plan was similiar. The British retained the gold but were wiped out except for the gold which escaped off the board by a matter of a 3d6 being 2 short of contacting the gold and capturing it.

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