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The Rule of LGOP

LGOP in its purest form, small groups of pissed-off 19 year old American paratroopers. They are well trained. They are armed to the teeth and lack serious adult supervision. Happily they go about the day's work...and wonder into Hiesville early one morning disturbing a group of Germans just waking up for breakfast…can they take the village.... and meet the German counterattack late in the afternoon, can they keep the village? 54 MM King and Country Miniatures - Rules: Final Combat

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88 Magnum

Millenniumcon 14 - LSHMWaco Chapter: Rules: Final Combat GM: Mile Gesser Can the Airborne find the 88 pounding beach exit and kill everyone not dressed like they are? Are there Germans in the hedges? King and Country 60mm figures and 1/30 scale vehicles and terrain.

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I Ain't Been Shot Yet Mum

15 MM Battlefront, buildings were created and painted by Crescent Root Studio

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Mike Gesser 28MM using Battlegound rukes

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Over The Top - Through the Blood and the Mud

The LSHM Waco Chapter finally had a chance to actually play their 2011 LSHM Millenniumcon Cup Challenge winner. Jim Dunnam ran the game with Mike and Richard playing the Huns with Lee and Smythe Hardaway the Brits. The game got over to a swift start with the right flank of the Huns under platoon commander Mike storming into the Brit's left flank under Lee. After a brief battle the Huns managed the take the trenches on their frontage. The action on the other flank was not as dramatic. With the usual Richard and Lance die rolling, both sides managed to basically stay in the mud with very little blood for the entire game.

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Final Combat

54 MM For King and Country Miniatures using the Final Comflict rules. Germans were Adam Gesser, Lamay McKnight and RIchard Wheet. American 101 Airborne were Lee Fisher and Everett Chun. Game master was Mike Gesser.

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Russian Civil War

Jim Dunnam 28MM using Back and Beyond rules

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Over the Top Millenniumcon Part 1

Over the Top - Through the Mud and the Blood - First Place Millenniumcon 12+1

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WWI Naval 2005

Sea Power 2 - Mike Gesser and Dreadnoughts - Jim Dunnam

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