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ECW - A Town Besieged

Lance's Lair - April 2015 - ECW 28mm scrimmage. Drunken Royalist dragoons, horse thieving Parliamentarian scum, disease ridden French pirates and the Tax Collector descend on a small town.

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English Civil War - Marston Moor

Rules: Carnage and Glory II GM: Jim Dunnam, Mike Gesser, Trace Bowen Millenniumcon 14 - LSHMWaco Chapter: On 1 July, Rupert outmanoeuvred the Scots and Parliamentarians to relieve the city. The next day, he sought battle with them even though he was outnumbered. He was dissuaded from attacking immediately and during the day both sides gathered their full strength on Marston Moor,. Towards evening, the Scots and Parliamentarians themselves launched a surprise attack.

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Marlburian (WSS - GaPa) Everett Chun drove up from Austin to participate in a Marlburian WSS - GaPa game. Everett commanded the left wing of the French, while Richard Wheet commanded the right wing. Mike Gesser commanded the right wing of the English (opposite Everett) and Jim Dunnam commanded the English left wing (opposite Richard). The commands of Richard and Jim had a slow start due to lack of command rolls (we will refer to that as the right side henceforth). Everett's French medium cavalry (left side) blasted across table to attack Mike's English infantry. Most of the game was fought to the death between Everett's cav and his left flank infantry versus the English infantry. In the end, Everett pushed back most of the English at the cost of his cavalry. On the right side, it was an entirely different matter. The English had difficulty advancing but it really didn't matter since two English cavalry regiments managed to rout Richard's entire wing (about 8 battalions) without hardly a shot being fired. There was a traffic jam of the French trying to rout off the edge of the board. At the end, only one French battalion (which actually got to fight) remained. Everett now has been shown it is not just Waco urban myth about Richard and the power of the routing dice. BTW.. none of the routed battalions had any casualties.

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King Maker

The King Maker Makes His Move - Jim Dunnam

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English Civil War 2007

Marston Moor - 28 MM English Civil War - Warhammer Rules - Lance Hardaway's Temple Lair

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Marlburian 2008

Marburian - 25 MM - Perry Miniatures - Carnage and Glory II - photo album of not so good photos. On Labor Day, Waco tried a new rule system for the Marburian period. The rule set used was Carnage and Glory II, which is a computer assisted playing aid with Jim Dunnam as the lowly clerk typist. The French (Richard Wheet (right, left, center and reserve wings) and Mike Gesser (who appropriated all the wine and stinky cheese and in actual life went running back to France leaving Richard with the wineless French). The Allies (British, Swiss and Prussians troops) were commanded by Lance Hardaway (right wing) and Lee Fischer (left wing), neither for obvious reasons would claim the center wing. The French left and ring wings were initially crushed with the Allied center being routed with the capture by the French of General Ouverkerk. The fresh French reserve Guard, held behind the center, then swung around to the flanks and retook the left flank and possibly the right flank. The French center brigade was practically untouched. The Carnage and Glory computer program declared the French as the winner. After an initial slow start with all the players being harassed into giving the charge and firing information in the exact sequence needed for computer input (attacking unit, target unit, range, did the unit move, then any other important information like flank attack, 50% firing on targets), etc), the game really picked up speed since all the dice rolling, charts, and calculation were done by the computer. The program also kept track of casualties, moral, fatigue, ammunition, units being shaken, pinned, rested, routed, rallied etc. The players could concentrate on tactics instead of the normal chart cross referencing and die rolling mechanics. A few badly taken photos are in the photo album. It’s difficult trying to take photos and being shot at by the British and Prussians all the while the wine being spirited out of the country by General Gesser.

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War in the Age of Marlborough

This game was the winner of the 2007 Millenniumcon Cup Challenge but is now larger and improved. GM: Jim Dunnam, Mike Gesser and Trace Bowen. An engagement during the Wars of Spanish Succession finds Marlborough and his Dutch allies facing a strong French force. 28mm Front Rank figures.Carnage and Glory rules. 28MM - 16 ft table.

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