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French and Indian War 2011

54 MM For King and Country Miniatures using the Final Comflict rules. Germans were Adam Gesser, Lamay McKnight and RIchard Wheet. American 101 Airborne were Lee Fisher and Everett Chun. Game master was Mike Gesser.

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This Very Ground _  2008

This Very Ground - French and Indian Wars - 28 MM Conquest Miniatures - Using Iron Ivan Games This Very Ground, we played pitting the France and their Indian allies against British regulars and the pioneers. The British regulars (Lee) were secure in their fort with the settlers (Mike) to the west. There were two groups of French allies, the French/Indians (Everett) and second group of Indians (Richard). Jim acted as GM. The game began with the noble Indians attacking the invading settler compound. The settlers and a group of pioneers (Mike) fought a very brief exchange at their settlement with the Indians (Richard) before the settlers ran through the forest with the pioneers fighting a rear guard action. One group of Indians were delayed by having problems torching the invaders settlement. The French (Everett) started sniping at the fort using the forest as cover. The British regulars were slowly being picked off since the French had rifles and the British were armed with muskets. The settlers made it into the fort due to the delaying tactics of the pioneers. Unfortunately, as the pioneers broke out of the woods and made a mad dash for the fort over open ground, the Indians (Richard) had arrived in full force and cut them down to the man.By this time, the French (Everett) had eliminated most of the British regulars and the settler women were forced to man the walls. A group of Indians (Richard) were also sniping the fort as a second segment approached the rear of the fort in an attempt to torch it. All the while, the settlers at the walls were being eliminated one by one with the British commander falling. The settler women then surrendered and were never heard from again. Some seriously wounded British regulars were heard moaning about how if only Colonel Hardaway had arrived earlier with the promised poxed blankets, none of this would have occured. The seriously wounded were never heard from again. (post note: Colonel Hardaway was delayed in New York after being mugged outside a house of ill-repute).

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This Very Ground 2011

Jim Dunnam GM

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Drums Along the Mohawk

Millenniumcon 14 - LSHMWaco Chapter: Advanced look at THW - 60MM Files GM: Jim Dunnam, Milke Gesser and Ed Texeira . Muskets and Mohawks. French & Indian Wars skirmish in the Winter of 1758, all fought on a 6x18 foot snow covered table with 60mm figures. A beleaguered British outpost attempts to hold out against French and native assaults. Will the breach in the walls be held? Will the relief column arrive in time? Each player will command the equivalent of a squad.

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