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Rum and Bones

Rum & Bones is a miniatures board game where players control fantastic pirate crews engaged in fierce combat. Inspired by MOBA style video games, Rum & Bones’ gameplay is deep, fast-paced, and highly strategic. The game pits two pirate factions, controlled by 2 to 6 players, whose ships are locked in combat, with each crew attempting to board the enemy ship and disable it. 28MM from RIchard Wheet Collection

150 Photos

Napoleonic - Peninsula - Spanish Guerrilla

Spanish Guerrilla 28MM Front Rank Richard Wheet Collection

10 Photos

Napoleonic - Peninsula - Command

Napoleonic Peninsula Command 28MM Front Rank Richard Wheet Collection

29 Photos

French Peninsula Dragoons

French Peninsula Dragoons - 6th, 13th and 24th Regiments - 28MM Perry Miniatures - Richard Wheet Collection

47 Photos


RAFM Miniatures - Richard Wheet Collection

41 Photos

VSF - Lead Adventures

Lead Adventures Victorian Science Fiction 28MM Miniatures - Richard Wheet Collection

65 Photos

Zombie Strippers

Richard Wheet Collection

7 Photos

Kung Fu School Girls

Richard Wheet Collection

16 Photos

Samurai Rabbits and Mice

Eureka 28MM - From the Richard Wheet Collection Compatible with the Pond Wars rule system

29 Photos


Warmachine - Richard Wheet Collection

72 Photos

WOR 28mm

Jim Dunnam Collection

43 Photos

WOR 28MM Volume 2

Jim Dunnam Collection

80 Photos

Marlburian - WSS

Jim Dunnam Collection 28MM

80 Photos


Jim Dunnam Collection 28MM

37 Photos

Napoleonic French 15 MM

Richard Wheet Collection

69 Photos

ECW scots

Jim Dunnam Collection

26 Photos

Napoleonic British 15MM

Richard Wheet Collection

93 Photos

Might of Arms 2006

16 Photos

Marlburian Collection

Jim Dunnam Collection 28MM

80 Photos

Celts - 28MM

Jim Dunnam Collection

69 Photos

Russian Civil War 2

Jim Dunnam Collection 28MM

11 Photos

Sudan - Ansar and Bejas

Richard Wheet Collection - 28MM

9 Photos

French and Indian War

Jim Dunnam Collection - 28MM

56 Photos

Wild West Miniatures

Richard Wheet Collection 28MM - Foundry miniatures

32 Photos