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Waterloo terrain

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Building Waterloo at 10mm Scale

The process the Waco group went through to help build the 10mm scale complete Waterloo battlefield modeled by Jim Dunnam. Won a Millennium Cup Award.

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Building Gettysburg

A journal of the construction and production of the full scaled Waterloo board and the miniatures for the Waterloo campaign to to presented at Millenniumcon 12 in Round Rock, Texas.

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Symthe-Hardaway Memorial Chapel

We did this building journal just for grins but I decided to post it here for the rest to see. It was kind of an inside joke but it demonstrates how one builds scenery brick by brick by brick.

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Waterloo Onsite

Photos of the actual Waterloo site taken by Mike Gesser for a guide to make the scaled terrain for the Waterlloo game

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Wild West Building

Wild West Building - Richard Wheet

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Gettyburg Terrain

Jim Dunnam's 3D scale model Gettysburg terrain map for 15mm ACW

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