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3300 North Alley Between Seeley & HoyneThis was an important alley as it separated Seeley St from Hoyne! I've played in it numerous times, even though my Mom was always telling us to stay out of the alleys. Janis
Alley Leading to the Little ParkDoesn't look like it, but this IS that alley. We've all walked it so many times that we just had to do it, again, yesterday!Janis
Audubon!!!I should have gotten a shot from the corner, but at least I captured the name!Janis
Bill & Annette at the Brown CompoundThey are trying to calm "Sarge" the doberman because Donald (Charlie) Brown's dog just charged down the back steps and a fracas ensued!Janis
Cat on Henderson in Front of Cheryl's!Guard Cat in front of Cheryl's old house! I think the blue shirt is Bill trying to contain his doberman, and you can see me in the shadows taking the cellphone pic!Janis
Felger Playlot AKA The Little ParkLooks different, but it doesn't. No basketball court, and a lot more grass, but the dimensions are the same so it felt very familiar. Lots of kids in there!Janis
Man-jo-vins!Amazing spot! New building on it with apartments above and in back, so not the little white shack it was! Still, I walked in, and the "sense of place" was overwhelming, and really threw me off for a minute! We got water here for Sarge, our trust canine companion!Janis
In the distance...Man Vacuums His Lawn! Sue's expression is priceless. This guy has a shop vac and is vacuuming his grass! (Click on pic to make it larger, and you'll see what we mean!) What was really fun, was that we were like smart-ass teenagers and making fun of everything we saw! We definitely had a "crowd" mentality going, and I loved that more than anything, yesterday!Janis
The Beginning of the walk!!!This was near the beginning, and I was talking to Sue and took this pic of the rest of the group! Patti was talking to Bill, and Cheryl and Annette were chatting!Janis
Walking North on Damen/Leaving the front of the "Little Park"Leaving the "little park" on Belmont and I believe that used to be Newbauer's (was that the name?) place just north of the park on Damen.Janis
That's the "Little Park" on the Left!Wow...looking at this I realize I was lagging with my knee...I had no idea at the time! But it's a great "neighborhood walk" shot!Janis
Two doors Down from School St. on West Side of DamenShop with a penguin in front so we had to take a picture. The 3 girls posed like the penguin, which cracked me up! No historical significance to this spot, but we couldn't resist!Janis
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