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Annette as Paparazzo takes 3 pics quickly of the Lyons' Porch!!!Annette was awesome capturing these shots fast! It was impossible to believe that we didn't belong on the 3308 porch! It was a very confusing and sweet day in the fact of we all felt like kids, and it felt like a time long ago....JanisJul 07, 2011
Another Porch Shot!!!Every single one of these is precious to me! Annette said, "I got 3 pics I think!" She did it so quickly that it was magic!JanisJul 07, 2011
First shot of the group on the Lyons' PorchLook at them! Awwwww! I miss my friends getting to sit on my porch!!!!JanisJul 07, 2011
Annette's Finger Adds Perspective to Lyons' Porch Shot!We were trying to be stealthy as we were trespassing, but the minute I got on the steps, I had to grab the knob. This was DEFINITELY Peabody's Wayback (WABAC) Machine because I felt weirdly and impossibly like I was "home."JanisJul 07, 2011
Under the Seleley/School SignI love this picture! I remember this corner so well. Richard would come around it; Jim Z was walk past going to basketball. And all of us would hang there, under the streetlight.JanisJul 07, 2011
Cheryl as Photographer, Captures Us on THE Corner!Glad I got to be in one of these pics! Wow!!! Maybe when I get a new knee, we can all sit on the curb, again, and get a snapshot!JanisJul 07, 2011
3300 North Alley Between Seeley & HoyneThis was an important alley as it separated Seeley St from Hoyne! I've played in it numerous times, even though my Mom was always telling us to stay out of the alleys. JanisJul 07, 2011
Sue Pointing at a Tavern That's Sue! I wanted to take her picture when we were on Addison and she said, take a pic of me with a tavern (even though I literally haven't seen Sue even drink at the last few events I've seen her at! Not since December?) She has such a sense of fun, as evident here!!!JanisJul 07, 2011
The Beginning of the walk!!!This was near the beginning, and I was talking to Sue and took this pic of the rest of the group! Patti was talking to Bill, and Cheryl and Annette were chatting!JanisJul 07, 2011
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