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Pat and RalphralphieDec 28, 2010
Bonnie, Richard and BIllralphieDec 28, 2010
Mary, Ludy and BonnieralphieDec 28, 2010
Richard Gorski, Paul and LudyralphieDec 28, 2010
BonnieralphieDec 28, 2010
Sue (shocked), Mary and AnnralphieDec 28, 2010
This is Ralph/Birgit's end of the 3300 block of Seeley, showing their house. To the right in this picture is the alley that ran East and West behind Hoffings.JanisDec 26, 2010
John J Audubon Elementary School as seen from the corner of Hoyne and Cornelia. Most people went home for lunch, but there was a small lunchroom in a dismal part of the basement. Remember the wind tunnel between the bathrooms on the girls and boys sides of the building? Also, the school yard held a party here on Halloween.JanisDec 26, 2010
The Brown's House and porch (slightly obscured by a tree!) We went under the porch when it rained. It was a "hangout" porch, along with the Lyons porch, and the first kids that hung out there were Kathy Brown and her girlfriends, Tookie, Mary Weber, (and some girls I can't recall right now.) Later, the porch was a meeting place for Mary & Kathy's friends.JanisDec 26, 2010
Looking North on the 3300 Block of Seeley/A look at the part of the street where we played catch. It was in the street, on the right side of the photo, that I enthusiastically tackled Richard during touch football, and though he didn't fall at all, his glasses fell off his face and broke. Everybody yelled at me (except Richard) and my Mom was worried we'd have to pay a lot to replace his eyeglasses. I felt such relief when he told me, "It's not a big deal."JanisDec 26, 2010
This is 3308 Seeley, essentially the same, but the grey house has been painted white, and the lower level windows have been divided into six panes instead of our three. Porch is the same (small), front yard is the same, and there's our silver maple tree! Grandma's windows upstairs are as they were then. I can picture Grandma in the one on the right....We routinely had 6 or 7 kids out in front of this house, we often had 12 or 13 kids, and on some summer nights, the count went much higher! Poor Mrs. Roll!JanisDec 26, 2010
In this pic, you are looking East on School toward the corner of Damen and School. The business on the NorthEast corner used to be Rivera's, and was where we went for pop, snacks, and newspapers (also, the occasional can of dog food, when we ran out of that!) Rivera was a crabby guy and some of his candy was stale, but our standards were low.JanisDec 26, 2010
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