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Tom and Kathy Zito, Peter and friend, and BillralphieJan 15, 2011
ralphieJan 13, 2011
ralphieJan 12, 2011
NO, this is not the original Seeley Street mobile, just a picture I found on the internet.ralphieJan 10, 2011
Janis/Herman1967Richard gave me the Herman's Hermits album this poster was in (it came as a record club offering to him) and I was crazy about the album, the poster, and Herman! I slept in the dining room of our house, and I hung the poster in the corner on the north dining room wall. Long story short, teenage brothers don't exactly want teen idols hanging on their walls, and my brother Tom put gum on Herman's nose, defacing the poster. When i tried to remove the gum, Herman's nose came off. I still have the album, though.JanisJan 07, 2011
The Lyons Family1 commentsseeleystreetJan 03, 2011
RipleyShe's our (not so mini) Miniature Schnauzer who is named for the Sigourney Weaver character in the Alien(s) film series. Our son named her because he wanted a "tough chick name." Ripley has lived up to her namesake's reputation.JanisJan 03, 2011
Bellatrix1 commentsRichardJan 02, 2011
Me standing next to two strangers who worked at the summer lodge, and then on the right, my brothers Mike & Tom. I loved this vacation!JanisDec 29, 2010
Mike, Tom & Jan, my first Halloween with my big brothers. Yes, there's a rip in the photo. This authenticates the snapshot as the real thing, coming from the family shoe box.JanisDec 29, 2010
Peter and BillralphieDec 28, 2010
Paul (back), Anne, Chris and MikeralphieDec 28, 2010
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