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The Lyons Family143 views1 commentsseeleystreet
Turning Point Crew 2015 CYC Mackinac139 viewsRichard
135 viewsralphie
132 viewsseeleystreet
Janis/Herman1967132 viewsRichard gave me the Herman's Hermits album this poster was in (it came as a record club offering to him) and I was crazy about the album, the poster, and Herman! I slept in the dining room of our house, and I hung the poster in the corner on the north dining room wall. Long story short, teenage brothers don't exactly want teen idols hanging on their walls, and my brother Tom put gum on Herman's nose, defacing the poster. When i tried to remove the gum, Herman's nose came off. I still have the album, though.Janis
Carlo's Audubon Graduation Party, 1964127 viewsThat Carlo's Mom touching Carlo's arm, and to the left of her is Jimmy Gilbert! The head directly above Carlo's is Buddy Myers, Bill's older brother. That's Richard drinking the soda, but I hear there may have been wine at this party?1 commentsJanis
Patti & Joe Brown Talking122 viewsThat's Cheryl's shoulder in the pic. While we were chatting with Mr. Brown, Sarge and Charlie Brown's dog were having at it, so our attention was sometimes divided, but it was all a blast!!!Janis
121 viewsMike, Tom & Jan, my first Halloween with my big brothers. Yes, there's a rip in the photo. This authenticates the snapshot as the real thing, coming from the family shoe box.Janis
Cat on Henderson in Front of Cheryl's!121 viewsGuard Cat in front of Cheryl's old house! I think the blue shirt is Bill trying to contain his doberman, and you can see me in the shadows taking the cellphone pic!Janis
The Lyons120 viewsThe LyonsJanis
3300 North Alley Between Seeley & Hoyne119 viewsThis was an important alley as it separated Seeley St from Hoyne! I've played in it numerous times, even though my Mom was always telling us to stay out of the alleys. Janis
The Mansfields118 viewsThe guy on the right with the suit on is Tony Orlando (and Dawn).ralphie
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