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Janis and Paul69 viewsseeleystreet
68 viewsThe Brown's House and porch (slightly obscured by a tree!) We went under the porch when it rained. It was a "hangout" porch, along with the Lyons porch, and the first kids that hung out there were Kathy Brown and her girlfriends, Tookie, Mary Weber, (and some girls I can't recall right now.) Later, the porch was a meeting place for Mary & Kathy's friends.Janis
Theresa and Ralph68 viewsseeleystreet
67 viewsralphie
Sue & Mr. Brown Talking while Patti & Cheryl look on!67 viewsIt was awesome to see Joe Brown! How lovely of him to invite us in the back yard!!!Janis
Audubon Girl's Entrance/Sue & Jan67 viewsI don't know why I am holding my finger up...but I was overly impressed to be standing by Audubon, a fact which was lost on the others, as Patti & Cheryl went to St. Luke's, and Bill & Annette went to Barry.Janis
66 viewsThis is 3308 Seeley, essentially the same, but the grey house has been painted white, and the lower level windows have been divided into six panes instead of our three. Porch is the same (small), front yard is the same, and there's our silver maple tree! Grandma's windows upstairs are as they were then. I can picture Grandma in the one on the right....We routinely had 6 or 7 kids out in front of this house, we often had 12 or 13 kids, and on some summer nights, the count went much higher! Poor Mrs. Roll!Janis
Bonnie66 viewsralphie
66 viewsralphie
Tom Z's House66 viewsRichard
College Days66 viewsRichard
66 viewsLarry Williams
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